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Nail the traditional look with a stylish Kurta Pajama– Mohanlal Sons
10% off on first purchase | Use Code : FIRST10
Nail the traditional look with a stylish Kurta Pajama

Nail the traditional look with a stylish Kurta Pajama

Playing around with the latest trends, exploring a range of different fabrics, experimenting with extraordinary styles, and adding your own unique twist, can redefine your look! Though the Kurta Pajama is traditional attire, you can reinvent this ensemble and make it the most stylish garment ever. Here we tell you how!

Go for a designer Kurta

A fashion must-have for every man, this outfit is the best choice for various occasions, such as a festival, a wedding or engagement, a traditional day at work, etc. Indian wear has witnessed immense creative interventions. You can pick and choose distinctive designs and patterns in modern colours to make your traditional wear an upscale and contemporary feel.


Men Kurta Pajama


Select right colours

When picking a kurta pajama for men, ensure to choose individual colours like rama green, lemon, rust, etc. to make your selection one of a kind. Also, keep the occasion in mind while selecting the colours as not all colours can be worn on all occasions. Deep colours like wine, and maroon, are the best for night weddings, sangeets, and festivals. For other daytime, casual events like dinner with friends and family, a traditional day at work, etc., go for the shades of pink, light blue, mustard, etc.

Jawahar Kurta Pajama Set


Explore fabrics

Choose the material carefully. Fabrics like jacquard, brocade, silk and other heavy materials are best for kurtas to be worn at wedding events and functions. Lightweight fabrics like cotton, georgette, etc. in light and breezy colours can complement a casual traditional look. For the best fabric choices, one can explore Mohanlal Sons.

Add a jacket


An add-on to the men kurtas that has recently gained a lot of popularity among the youth and celebrities, is the Kurta with Nehru Jacket. Usually, the jackets are a perfect accompaniment to a minimalistic kurta. The jacketed look will instantly make you the center of attraction at a party or a festive occasion.

Modern Twist


To ooze glamour and create a swanky fashion statement like no other, consider adding a modern touch to your ethnic ensemble. Try pristine patterns like a kurta with one length of the side a little shorter than the other. Open front designer Kurta is a voguish style to consider. Another latest in the fashion industry is to wear a pair of sneakers and folded trousers with the Kurta. Try adding these twists to your silhouette and exude modish vibes.


Kurta Pajama is a versatile traditional Indian wear that meets every individual’s fashion demand. In recent times, we can spot many celebrities from India and worldwide dressed in kurta pajamas at various red-carpet events. Mohanlal Sons Kurta Pajama range can make you the true star of the evening!