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Latest Sherwani Trends ruling in 2023– Mohanlal Sons
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Latest Sherwani Trends ruling in 2023

Latest Sherwani Trends ruling in 2023

Indian weddings are a hub of culture, tradition, and diverse ceremonies. The rituals and parties go on for several days. This makes it imperative for the grooms to make a large selection of wedding attires. However, the outfit choice for the most important “wedding day’ deserves the most attention.

The moment men think about choosing an ensemble for their ‘Wedding Day’, the first name that creates a buzz in their minds is ‘Sherwani.


Sherwani Trends

The years pass by, but nothing can beat the elegance and grandeur of a classic Sherwani. First invented in the 19th century as an official court dress, this most popular wedding attire has come a long way since its inception. Today, a highly adorned and embellished attire of glitz and glamour, Sherwanis has made its way into the wardrobe of many men.

Let us know the latest in the world of Wedding Sherwanis

Three piece Sherwani


Do you dream of wearing a quintessential sherwani? This layered Sherwani adds drama to the whole outfit and helps you win the title of the dapper groom of the season!

Pastel Colour Sherwani


If you are getting married in the summer months, then Pastel Colour Sherwani is the best choice for you. Light and soothing colours will keep you cool and comfortable while ensuring to exude positive and calming vibes for the audience.

Embroidered Sherwani

If you like detailing and embroidery in your outfit, then pick an embroidered sherwani. With this evergreen and most revered sherwani style, add some bling to your wedding! You can either go for a heavily-embroidered design for a night wedding function or a subtle and light work for a daytime wedding.

Embroidered Sherwani


Minimalistic Sherwani


Only an enriched Sherwani can make you look royal and smart on your wedding day, says who? If you are too conscious about your wedding sherwani and don't want too much work or embroidery, then go for a simple yet stately Sherwani for a minimalistic look.

Designer Sherwani

While keeping the traditionality of the wedding sherwani intact, adding a touch of contemporary features makes a designer sherwani win the heart of millions. Made in extraordinary designer patterns and exquisite artwork in a trending colour, this quite refreshing Sherwani will make heads turn on your wedding day.



Brocade embellished Sherwani


No longer reserved for the exclusive nobles and aristocratic men from ‘darbars’, at present, this category of Sherwani can be flaunted by men of stature and character! You can choose colours, embroidery, and pattern according to your personal taste and requirement. Remember – wearing a statement Sherwani like this is an ode to this timeless outfit!

Silk Blend Sherwani


If you are exploring the latest collection of Sherwani designs for men, then this one need to be on the top of your list. Catering to the evolving demands of the millennials, this lightweight and easy-to-carry Sherwani looks incredibly royal and classy. Explore the Silk Blend Sherwani designs online at Mohanlal Sons and attract all the eyeballs to your outfit!

Georgette Sherwani


This is one of the most unique and exemplary Sherwani styles for a man who has always made distinctive choices in life. Getting dressed in a Georgette embroidered Sherwani will leave your companion and people around you, appreciating your excellent taste in clothing selection.

Mirror work Sherwani

From gaudy designs to minimalistic patterns, there has been a lot of innovation in sherwanis. If you are a groom who wants to make an exceptional choice for your big day, then consider curating a perfect look in a Mirror work Sherwani. The best part about this type of Sherwani is that it has a heavy look but is actually light in weight.

Silk Blend Mirror Sherwani


Sherwani with a stole

Imagine your wedding silhouette in the classic colours of white and gold. Augmenting the look of this chic combination with a contrasting maroon Stole adds to the glory.


Embroidered Sherwani 3Pcs With Stole 


Every groom deserves an outfit that can enhance their personality! To buy exclusive wedding dresses for men, explore Mohanlal Sons Sherwani collection and create an ethereal look!