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How to Choose the Perfect Sherwani for Your Body Type?– Mohanlal Sons
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How to Choose the Perfect Sherwani for Your Body Type?

How to Choose the Perfect Sherwani for Your Body Type?

Today, all conscious men spend sufficient time evaluating different options of outfits. Only after careful consideration, they select an ensemble that suit their body type. One of the biggest days in your life - your wedding day certainly needs you to follow the cardinal rule of choosing the outfit according to your body type.

Before starting to explore a range of designer Sherwanis, get to know effective tips that will make your big day a hit!

Choosing a perfect Sherwani for your Body Type

Men’s body types can be of different forms and shapes. Knowing your body shape and its characteristics will help you to decide the type of Sherwani that will suit you perfectly. To augment your appearance and create confidence in what you wear, here is what you need to know:

Rectangle body shape

Men with rectangle body shapes have their shoulders, waist, and hip the same width. With this shape, you should aim to widen your shoulders and make the lower body part look narrow. The ideal Sherwani option for these men is with structured blazers or jackets. Ensure to have padded shoulders to widen the shoulder and chest part. An embellished work of the neck and shoulder will also help enhance the upper body. You can choose bold print and color.

Triangular body shape

When you have a triangular body shape, then your waist is wider than your shoulders and chest. In this body type, the bottom torso is larger than the upper portion. With this body shape, you should focus on getting a well-tailored Sherwani with straight-leg pants or Pyjama. Choose a darker Sherwani Kurta or Blazer. Avoid wearing a garment having horizontal stripes on the upper body portion and tapered bottoms, as it will make the central body part wider.

Trapezoid body shape

This body shape is one of the most desirable types. A trapezoid body shape means broad shoulders and chest with a narrow waist and hips. The good news is, you can choose all types of Sherwani. You can go for light colours such as cream and beige. You can also choose bold designs and heavy materials. Consider Wedding dresses for men like MLS VELVET SHERWANI or MLS EMBROIDERED SHERWANI. Your day, your choice!

Oval body shape

In this body type, men have an oval or slightly circular middle part. The shoulders and chest are narrow. Make your shoulder more defined. Go for black colour to give more shape to your central part. Be careful in choosing sleeve length. Loosely fitted pants can make your legs appear thinner. Avoid wearing a very heavy kurta or jacket.

Inverted Triangle

An inverted Triangle is a body type with broad shoulders and chest with narrow waist and hips, like a trapezoid. But in this body type, the upper part of much wider than the lower. This is also called an athletic body type. You need to create a balance between your top and bottom part with your wedding ensemble. Get a Sherwani in a straight-cut design while avoiding puffed shoulders. Give a relaxed fit to balance the broad shoulders.


Now that you know your body type and an ideal Sherwani match, it is time to explore the magnificent wedding outfits for men at Mohanlal Sons. You can buy a readymade sherwani in your favorite embroidery and colour, or get one tailor-stitched in your preferred material and design.