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Elegant Wedding Sherwanis VS. Suit - Style for Grooms– Mohanlal Sons
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Wedding Sherwani vs. Suit: Decoding the Groom's Dilemma

Wedding Sherwani vs. Suit: Decoding the Groom's Dilemma

 Majestic Sherwani or Classic Suit?

The wedding day, one of the most significant days in a man's life, brings with it a host of decisions, and among the most crucial is choosing the perfect attire. The groom's outfit, a reflection of his style and the wedding's theme, often oscillates between two classic choices: the traditional wedding sherwani and the ever-elegant Suit. 

If you are someone who is about to get married in the coming months and is going through the same dilemma, this blog will help you decide the perfect wedding outfit.

The Wedding Sherwani- Your go-to attire for BIG DAY

A symbol of ethnic elegance, Sherwani is a long coat-like garment, traditionally worn in South Asian weddings. It is known for its rich fabrics, intricate embroidery, and regal look. Moreover, Sherwani are often chosen for their blend of cultural significance and style.

maroon sherwani - MLS


What makes Sherwani for men a must-wear style at the wedding? 

  • Cultural Significance: Be it embroidered sherwani or subtle-looking Sherwani for the groom is perfect for Indian weddings as it reflects heritage and customs. 
  • Royal Look: The wedding sherwanis are designed to make the groom look like royalty, with their luxurious fabrics and detailed craftsmanship.
  • Variety: The style is designed in various styles, fabrics and colours, providing a wide range of options. 

pink sherwani - MLS

Suit for men- A sophisticated style for a modern groom

The suit, a western traditional outfit, is synonymous with sophistication and versatility. It comprises a jacket and trousers made from the same cloth, offering a classic, streamlined look that is both modern and timeless.

black tudoes - MLS

Why groom should opt for a suit over Sherwanis? 

  • Versatility: Suits can be worn on various occasions beyond the wedding.
  • Variety of Styles: From tuxedos to three-piece suits, there’s a wide range to suit every groom’s preference.
  • Comfort: Generally lighter than Sherwanis, suits can be more comfortable, especially in warmer conditions.


What are the factors that should be considered while making the choice? 

1. The theme of the wedding

Regardless of the style you choose for yourself for your big day, it should complement the theme of the wedding. For a traditional ceremony, an embroidered sherwani might be more appropriate. Whereas a suit could be ideal for a Western-style or contemporary wedding.

2. Personal Style matters the MOST

Before concluding, one should consider the personal style as a key factor. If you are more inclined towards an ethnic and traditional look, go for sherwani for men. 

On the other hand, the suit is the best bet for grooms who prefer a more modern look. 

3. Comfort and Fit- Uncompromising factors

Consider what you will be most comfortable in, especially since you will be wearing it for long hours.

4. Versatility and future use

Think about whether you want to reuse your wedding attire or not. If the answer is yes, suits offer more opportunities for wear after the wedding. Even if you want to opt for embroidered sherwanis, make sure you pick the ones that are on a pastel side and you should also know how to style it. 

5. Mixing and Matching: The Fusion Trend

For those who find it difficult to choose, why not blend both styles? A fusion of a Sherwani and a suit can offer a unique, personalized look. A wedding sherwani with suit trousers, or a suit with a hint of ethnic embroidery? The choice is yours!

The Final Call

The decision between a Sherwani and a suit comes down to personal preference, comfort, the wedding’s theme, and cultural considerations. Both choices offer their unique charm and elegance, making the groom stand out on his wedding day. The key is to wear your choice with confidence and style, making your wedding attire a reflection of your personality and a cherished memory of your special day