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Striking the right balance of look with both ethnic and western attire– Mohanlal Sons
10% off on first purchase | Use Code : FIRST10
Striking the right balance of look with both ethnic and western attire

Striking the right balance of look with both ethnic and western attire

A lot has been discussed about Indian ethnic wear for the longest time in the fashion industry. As much as there are new trends coming in all across the globe, the demand for ethnic and traditional wears never seem to go out of fad. Even international organisations such as Unesco admires the variety and vibrancy that Indian traditional attires has to offer. What makes them so loved and choiceable all across is the extension of work that can be seen in each of the piece. Think of a sherwani or a jodhpuri suit - the first thing that pops up is the intricate design.

Preserving the talent and art of these skilled artisans is in a way helping care for our tradition. Although the trend for fusion clothing such as indo western dresses is coming up in the textile industry, the love and admiration for authentic Indian wear will never go out of style.

Every state in India is geographically different and so is their choice of fashion. But when it comes to wedding or any special occasion, dressing up today is no more limited to the traditional choices. For men, tuxedo for wedding has become a popular choice, especially during the receptions.

Whatever we witness today in terms of fashion in men, is basically a mix of the indo-western culture; more so, when they are choosing dresses like tuxedo. The popularity of these attires has grown because of the comfort and the smartness these clothes can offer. Also, to be classic as well as elegant, there is hardly a better foreign choice than tuxedo.

At Mohanlal Sons, there are a number of options available for men to choose for their choice of fashion. When looking for the tuxedo, there are some unsaid rules that must be followed to bring out the dapper. For instance –

Tuxedos must be of a dark jet black tone. When you are buying only one, it must be black; however, if you have more than one, you may choose a dark Persian blue after you have your black. Both these colours are the finest choices in terms of maintaining the fashion as well as being regally elegant.

Pockets are common in men’s garment – be it for indo western or ethnic wear. You can choose between a single or double breasted jacket for your garment; although single breasted ones are mostly preferred.

Generally, there is a central vent at the back. This is because the fitting has to be just perfect and without the vents, it gives a more confident look. However, if there is any disturbance on your movement, try the ones with side vents.

Choosing the right pair of trousers with jodhpuri suit or tuxedo is extremely important as that will define your entire look. You can order online with Mohanlal Sons and shop the look you always wanted in a wedding.