Companions during the COVID 19 War!
24 Jul

Companions during the COVID 19 War!

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It is a wonder as to how nature can teach us lessons in the quietest and loudest of fashion. From being a silent teacher to a stubborn impact creator, nature in various stages has proven its diversity to influence the life and livelihood of the citizens of the world. COVID 19 with its fatal impact on the whole wide world has taught humans many lessons. The altering lifestyle of personals is nothing but a prior reflection of the forthcoming more responsible future of the human race.

The biggest highlight in the COVID 19 phase is hygiene. Apart from paying unparalleled importance on washing hands with soap and water at regular intervals, face masks capturing the place of a necessary good in the daily chore of life is the new addition. The need to protect our respiratory system is under massive scans in the present time. Thus comes into the picture the buying and selling of wholesale cotton face mask. Mohanlal Sons have played the role of a responsible manufacturer of pure cotton masks with persuasion. The 3 layered masks delivered by MLS are crafted with care keeping in mind the safety standards of the users. The first inner layer of the mask encompasses a cotton fabric cover. The second layer is that of a tissue cover carefully inserted in the pocket created sandwiching the two layers of cotton fabrics, one inner and the other outer. The tissue paper is instrumental in hindering the PM 2.5 particles and other allergic pollutants present in the air inhaled. Thus the users of the MLS cotton masks can relax on inhaling clean air. The tissue paper encompassing the second layer of the mask can be changed with every use. The expandable mask is wide enough to cover the nose and mouth area of the users with ample space for varied face sizes. The 100% cotton mask can be conveniently washed with every usage and reused in a fresh and clean package.

The personal protective equipment suit is the bare necessity of the health workers and front line warriors during the COVID 19 pandemic phase. The ppe suit usually includes clothing, goggles, helmets, and face shield. The ppe suits India collection of Mohanlal Sons is a complete package of protective gear designed intricately keeping in mind the safety standards of the front line warriors. The main intention of the dressing in a ppe suit is to hinder the infectious viruses from entering the wearer’s body. Thus the chance of them being protected from any kind of infection is elevated with optimal effect. MLS’s ppe suit encompasses free size cover-up suit lined with front zip, Nitrile gloves for hand protection, shoe covers, elastic closings fixed at the end of sleeves and elastically fastened free size hoot kit. The non-surgical ppe suit is made available by MLS is available in a wide money range to suit the need of mass.

To protect one’s self and the near and dear ones from the fatal virus, it is always advisable to trust the very best of products like MLS’s ppe suit and face masks. 

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